First prize at POYi in the category "Recreational Sports"



I'm very glad and honored for the first prize at POYi in the category "Recreational Sports".  

This is a sparring scene during a training session. Sayu, on the foreground, hits heavily Christian who is trying in vain to block the punch with his boxing gloves.

I took this picture at "The Gimnasio Rafael Trejo" which is one of the oldest boxing gyms of Cuba where famous Cuban boxers, recognized worldwide, trained in the past and and still train themselves today . It owes its name to a young revolutionary student, murdered in 1930 during the student demonstrations against Gerardo Machado's dictatorship . This gym is located in Havana Veja (the old town) and consists of an open-sky ring trapped between two pastel-colored buildings. Every week nearly 100 boxes are training here from different ages and background.

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The Journey by Gestalten

IMG_1483 come oggetto avanzato-1.jpg

"The Journey" is ready, a Gestalten photo book with some of my photos.

The Journey presents a varied selection of extraordinary travel opportunities by train from around the world. Featuring historic luxury wagons, spectacular panoramic railways, and timeless itineraries, it takes the reader for a ride through breathtaking canyons and romantic scenery. Striking images, informative geographical material, and personal experiences bring these train adventures, which range from the quick three-hour trip to the transcontinental journey lasting several days, to life.

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Mullik Ghat Flower Market

Under the imposing Howrah Bridge there is one of the largest flower markets of India. Here every morning tons of flowers of all kinds are cut, processed and sold: from roses, chrysanthemums to orchids. Offering flowers to the gods is one of the main aspects of the Hindu puja (act of worship).

This practice takes place both inside the temples and privately within the domestic walls. Flowers - Phool in Hindi - are of fundamental importance in Indian culture not only as an object of worship but also as a simple ornament

"Fear and loathing" in Monunga

Monunga is a small village in the heart of Zambia, north of the capital Lusaka. It’s a small urban area made up of a few run-down buildings, primarily a place of transit for travelers tired by many hours drive in Africa.There was a small restaurant with an old pool table outside, a small shop where a woman bakes bread nonstop, and a bar.
It was 10 am when my traveling companions and I arrived in Monunga, and from the bar we could hear the sound of an unusual rhythm.Inside the bar an "unreal" situation namely compared to the peaceful atmosphere outside: several men of different ages, visually drunk, swayed and danced to the rhythm of an unlikely and loud Congolese music. The thin air was thick with smoke from the acrid smell of fermented corn that these men drank continuously from white plastic cans.Time seemed to stand still in the little bar, the scene seemed to repeat itself endlessly and to represent these men’s daily routine.
On the African continent, mainly in the sub-equatorial areas, alcohol abuse has become a very serious problem and constitutes the main cause of most of the male population’s anti-social behavior..



After a morning spent with the miners in the coal mines, I decided to rest for a few hours just outside a small village in the Danhab. Awakened by the shouting and the games of a group of children, I realized that the building next to me wasn’t  abandoned at all but was a centre where children from the neighborhood met to play and do their homework. 

After a first moment of trouble due to my presence, the lessons started again and I could take pictures showing the situation. It was interesting to observe the relationship of respect and awe between the teacher and its students.

The children followed his words with interest. A mere look was needed to get their attention back after inevitable distractions. The vitality and smiles of the children made the situation special.

Sepak takraw

Sepak takraw is a sport native to Southest Asia. Sepak takraw differs from the similar sport of  volleyball in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball. It is a popular sport in Thailand , Malaysia and Laos


In Southeast Asia, the Buddhist New Year called Songkran starts around middle April. Celebrations generally last three days but, in some cases, can last a whole week. Especially in Thailand, Songkran is a very important celebration that involves the whole population and it’s an opportunity for many people to come back for a few days to their villages. Water is the main element of these days and is cast as good luck in every possible way ...... the photos you see were taken between Bangkok and Pattaya..